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Supercharge Your Mental Strength

Bite-sized course (10 lessons) on how to form healthy habits.

The short and practical exercises in this course will help you replace bad mental habits (passivity, negative self-talk, hopelessness, complacency, etc.) with more balanced and healthier ways of thinking.

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Uncovering Grit

More than a buzzword these days, the concept of grit shows what happens when passion followed by perseverance and purpose come together to motivate us in the relentless pursuit of one high-level goal.

Finding focus article

Fundamentals of Learning: Finding Focus

The topics of focus and attention have been studied by psychologists since the 1860s, and some argue even longer than that.

We’ve delved into recent research to bring you the bite-sized version of the most recent findings, and how they can help you become a better learner.

Safety of teams article

Psychological safety in teams

In this course, we dig deep into the latest research on what makes a safe work environment and how to foster one for your team.

We’ll tell you what you need to know about psychological safety, from the symptoms of an unsafe team to the impact that safety has on the bottom line.

Fundamentals article

The Fundamentals of Learning: Creating Connection

Knowing how to learn is a skill, and in this course we’ll show you the science-backed tricks to get good at it.

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DIY Creativity Camp (Bite-sized course)

For two weeks, you'll receive a daily 10-minute exercise to spark your creativity. Because we start from the premise that there is a creative person in every one of us, waiting patiently to be revealed.

We'll help your make creativity an daily habit.

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Craft Your Job to Suit You Better (Bite-sized course)

Job crafting enables us to fit our jobs to our skills, our abilities and our knowledge, as well as our preferences and needs. It’s what keeps us engaged, creative and productive.

We’ll teach you the ins and outs of job crafting and how to turn the job you have into a job you want (and even like).

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A Primer on Sustainable Cities

Fifty percent of the world's population is currently living in cities.

That’s a serious challenge, but also a great opportunity to transform cities into hubs of innovation for sustainable living

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Strategies for Learning a Foreign Language

Blog post for corporate blog of

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The Introvert's Guide To Language Learning

Sensible advice for introverts who are learning a foreign language, but can't just "get out there and talk to strangers."

Really, being social doesn't come naturally to an introvert. And that's ok.

Beat procrastination mickey gast article

4 Ways to Use Goals and Rewards to Beat Procrastination

Procrastination is a learned behavior. The good news is that the monster can be slayed just by re-learning how to deal with nagging tasks.

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Want to Teach English Abroad? Pack a CELTA

If you’re thinking of teaching English as a foreign language abroad, you’ll come across the CELTA acronym numerous times.

Find out what CELTA is and why you need it from this article on

On Learning and Mindshift with Barbara Oakley – DailyBitsOf

We caught up with Dr. Barbara Oakley to ask her a few questions about learning, online courses, and her new book, Mindshift.

Research foreign language article

6 Research-Backed Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language

Let’s look at six benefits you will reap when you start learning a foreign language, all of them backed by solid scientific evidence.

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6 Networking Tips for Introverts

Here are six tips that I successfully implemented to help me improve my mingling techniques at networking events. on